Sunday, December 30, 2012

Favourite Picture?

Each year, as we count down the days to a fresh new year, I'm always tempted to post some of my favourite things from the previous twelve months.  I will post a "favourite reads of 2012" and "writing in 2012" recap early in 2013 (and yes, I wait until the year is 100% complete, because I'm still reading and writing up until the bitter end).

But I thought it might be fun to pause and share a few of my favourite pictures from the past twelve months.  (IE, these would be pictures that I was in, or at least involved in -- not general pictures I took)

I think one of my absolute favourites, the one that gives me the biggest smile, would be the one of Alexander and I posing outside the Sci-Fi Dine In Theatre at Disney Hollywood Studios.  Yes, pictures of my son and I goofing around tend to always be one of my top picks.

Another favourite is one of me and Barnaby (my new skeleton who accompanies me to book signings)

Strange that, so far, my favourite pics involve cars, and me goofing around.

Another one that I just adore is one I took of Francine and Alexander on our first morning at Disney this past summer.  It's the two of them as we had just boarded the shuttle bus on our way to Disney Magic Kingdom on our first morning . . .

Cathie Coward, Hamilton Spectator photographer, took my next favourite shot from the past year.

That shot, and the wonderful article by Jeff Mahoney, led to Annette Hamm of CHCH Morning Live contacting me to be on the show the next morning.  That was a lot of fun.  Here's a screen shot of that . . .

I also had a blast at the Warrior Dash this year.  It was another great family weekend. Our family as well as some buddies and their families. A great weekend of fun. And I, of course, posed for a ton of pictures with all kinds of different folks, all dressed in fun costumes. The Dirty Old Birds were among the really fun groups of people that we met and hung out with that weekend.

I also had the chance to hang out with so many fantastic authors this past year.  I think one of my favourite opportunities was getting the chance to interview Michael Connelly in the Kobo booth at Book Expo America and talk about the 20 year anniversary of when his first Harry Bosch novel was published.

But I think my absolute favourite pictures would have to be ones of Francine, Alexander and I at Disney.  Yeah, had a ton of fun this past year, but it seems like Disney wins.

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