Thursday, December 20, 2012

Introducing Mr. Scotty Nibbles The Third

The other night Francine and I were watching CHCH and there was a bit on a Bunny Hop adopt-a-thon. There had been a woman in Oakville who was charged for some sort of neglect to properly care for a giant warren of rabbits, all this army of bunnies had all been taken by the Oakville Humane Society, cared for, brought back to health and needed good homes.

So we went in Sunday to see if we could be a good home for one.  (After all, it had been half a year since Earl, our previous independent bunny, had decided to pack his bags and seek his fortune in the world without us.  And we missed having a bunny)

The bunnies had all been given names by the staff (easier to refer to them with names than numbers), and we entered a room with about a dozen bunnies in it.

Scotty got our attention right away because he was zooming up and down a green ramp in his cage that led to an upper level. We petted and checked out many bunnies, then spend some time with Scotty and determined that he liked us and we liked him, so we put in an application to adopt him.

I was able to pick him up yesterday.

Alexander kept wanting to come up with various different names for the bunny. (He doesn't yet know his name, so they said we could change his name).  Over the past few days there have been multiple suggestions.  We all kind of liked the name "Scotty" but Alexander kept coming up with all kinds of names (like Mister Bunny, the name of our very first bunny, the one we had for 11 years; or Earl, the name of our second bunny, who we had adopted from a friend who couldn't keep him but ended up being the wandering minstrel who was only with us for a little over a year - we do suspect that he might have sought his fortune as the sidekick of the Easter Bunny, since he disappeared shortly after Easter this past year).

The other day, Alexander was pretty fixed on Mr. Nibbles.

I still liked Scotty. (You know, so I could call him Mr. Scott -- it gives me a cut excuse to be a Star Trek geek)

So we compromised, and decided to give him a full name.

Mr Scotty Nibbles III

I added the III (or "the Third") to indicate that he is the third black dwarf bunny that this family has owned.  You know, because everyone else in our family has long names with lots of letters - I wanted to make sure Scotty properly felt like a part of the family.

The Bunny Hop Adopt-a-Thon has been extended until Dec 31, 2012. Apparently there are still a lot of great bunnies who need a loving home.

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