Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Confessions of a Muggle

Francine and I took our niece to see Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire on the weekend. It’s sort of been a tradition. Ever since it was first announced they were going to make movies based on the bestselling series of books, I promised Taylor that I’d take her to see each and every movie. You gotta know that she’s a great kid when she’ll still be seen in the company of her nerdy uncle even though she’s at that age where it’s cool to completely avoid such situations.

I have a few confessions to make now, related to the Harry Potter movie:

It was pretty frightening. Yeah, I know, I’m a horror writer, and I did read the book, so I should have known what to expect, after all. But when Voldemort came back to life in the graveyard scene, I felt a shiver go down my spine. And I couldn’t help but think back to the last movie villain who did that to me. Sure enough, good old Darth Vader - man that guy scared the crap out of me whenever he walked on screen.

I have a schoolboy crush on Hermoine. No, nothing perverse, I just think that Emma Watson is an adorable actress. I liken my "crush" on her to be similar to the one I had on Megan Follows (of Anne of Green Gables fame). Yes, my schoolboy crushes tend to be on cute, wholesome and feisty characters.

I’m only one book ahead of the movie. I know I should be caught up, but I’ve only read to book four so far. I’ve been ensuring that I read the book before each movie comes out, but I’m still behind. Two books behind, in fact. I’m really hoping to change that soon. Order of the Phoenix, here I come!

Taylor is technically not our niece. She is, however, one of the coolest kids that I know. Taylor is my cousin's stepdaughter, and thus a cousin. Because my cousin and I grew up practically as brothers his children (Taylor and Madison) are very much like nieces to me, and Rodney and Susan are definitely Uncle Rodney and Aunt Susan to Alexander. So there!


Rainypete said...

I was so addicted to Megan Follows when I was younger. I've read all the books, but like you, try to re-read the one related to the movie I'm about to watch. Since a movie can't typically live up to the book anyway, it's nice to know some of the finer points of the plot to help the brain get through it sometimes.

Kimberly said...

I didn't have a crush on Megan Follows...I wanted to BE Megan Follows...mostly because Anne of Green Gables was my favorite literary herione growing up. I like Hermione too, she's intelligent and feisty...she's a great role model for girls growing up these days.

I will admit that I have school girl crushes on a few of the Hogwarts boys...they're all so cute..Daniel, Rupert and the twins who play the Weasly Twins...Nothing perverse, just one of those things where you know those kids are gonna be hotties when they're older!

The movie was awesome, but definitely darker and a tad scarier than the last few...so don't worry Mark, I sat shivering in the dark too when Voldemort took form in the graveyard...


kjh1972 said...

I loved how it was darker than the previous movies, and that what they did include was so close to how I pictured it reading the book. The only thing I would have loved to have seen is for them to have split it into 2 parts, because there was WAY too much left out.

Oh, and I have the same crush on Hermoine/Emma Watson.

(P.S. Hey Mark, how ya been?)

Mantaray Ocean said...

I have yet to see the latest Harry Potter...but I am already anticpating to be frightened as well.

The Dementors in the previous movie still give me nightmares...shudder shudder

Franny said...

Definately not for little kids - its pretty scary and a little *sick* to boot. Though it annoyed me that Voldemort had no nose...
But man it was an awesome ride! I cried like a baby when they came back from the graveyard. I am still a little traumatized. Dan R. is an excellent actor, and it was cool to find out that he was REALLY scared to shoot the graveyard scene himself.

PS-"Little Mermaid" eat your heart out!

PPS-Am I the only one who wants that carriage???