Friday, November 18, 2005

Lunch Cultures

Every so often a news report, newspaper or magazine re-reveals to the world a startling fact about bacteria. Studies have shown that while many office workers eat lunch at their desks, it’s actually one of the worst places to consume food due to the incredibly high degree of bacteria there.

In fact, the bacteria at the average office worker’s desk is often multiple times worse than the bacteria found in a toilet stall in that same office. I guess the idea of multi-tasking, of eating one’s lunch while continuing to do work comes with its risks.

But I'm not taking that risk any longer.

No way. I'm turning over a new leaf today.

If anyone is looking for me this lunch hour, I’ll be in the last stall on the right. But don't worry about my productivity, I'll still be multi-tasking in there.


Kimberly said...


Pete Mitchell said...

Double eww!

Scott & Julia said...

Hmm, I think I'll take the bacteria at my desk over the ones in stall any day! At least at my desk they're all my bacteria! And I love the pic you posted below! Happy belated HNT!

Franny said...

As gross as that stat may be, the desk has gotta be a lot less disgusting than my minivan.
Many new strains of bacteria were born beyond the sliding door of doom...

Rainypete said...

NO fair!! I've been licking toilet stalls to build up my immune system when all I had to do was eat at my desk!!?? Dammit!