Tuesday, November 01, 2005


I'm always a little sad when Halloween is over. I love the whole thing - dressing up, putting up scary decorations, playing eerie music and sound effects, watching Alexander check out all the cool sights and sounds, giving out treats to strange kids (whose parents likely advised them never to take candy from strangers -- except on Halloween, of course. For more great inconsistencies of parental advice, see my friend Francesca's blog).

The day after Halloween has always been, to me, a little like that minor let down the day after Christmas (you know how sometimes kids get, after all the wind-up and excitement, with the presents opened and Santa has already come and gone.....nothing to look forward to but several months of cold and dark) - for me, the day after Halloween is like that. Mildly depressing.

With Christmas decorations, there's usually a one month grace period on either side of the holiday where it's okay to have your lights and decorations out on display. But not with Halloween. Sometimes I wish that Halloween could be a week-long event or even just a weekend of fun, the way that Thanksgiving and Easter are.

Alexander certainly enjoyed his trick or treating last night (all 8 houses he went to), but what he enjoyed MOST was giving candy to the other kids - he loved picking up the treats and dropping them in the bags of the kids who came to the door. He also enjoyed pushing the button on our fog machine, sending a blast of fog to roll through the tombstones. He had a ball.


Virginia said...

I'vealwaysfoundthedayafterHalloweenquiteinvigorating. Imeanthere'sallthiscandy,thekidsareatschooland boyaretheymadwhentheycomehomeandthepilehas
diminishedexponentiallyandtheirmotherhas totallyrenovatedthehouseinthreehoursorless.
I think I'll take up sprinting.

Kimberly said...

looks like the little guy takes after his dad!

he's so cute!

Franny said...

Halloween sounds like so much fun at your house. My sister's birthday is on Halloween, so we get cake too! And the best part is raiding the kids' bags when they go to bed!