Tuesday, November 15, 2005

That's "Grande" In Starbucks Lingo

I’m a little disturbed that I forgot to hang on to those thin cardboard 3-D glasses I had in the 80’s -- because next Monday CTV will be airing Medium in 3-D. Viewers can pick up their free pair of 3-D glasses in this Saturday’s Globe & Mail.

I’m excited about the whole thing. Francine just started to shake her head and said, "I’m not wearing those stupid glasses to watch a television program." But I’m pretty sure that she’ll come around once the show starts. (I also remember that 3-D movies were not necessarily easy on the naked eye to watch -- I recall that, when you watched a film shot in 3-D without the glasses, the picture seemed blurry, like a weak satellite signal or an ancient television picture tube)

But I’m not about to buy two copies of the Globe & Mail - especially not the more expensive Saturday edition. Besides, I barely have time to read one copy of the paper, never mind two. So I’m reaching out, asking anyone who regularly reads Saturday’s Globe & Mail and doesn’t watch Medium. Can I borrow your glasses. I’ll give ‘em back, you know, in case they start airing reality television programming in 3-D.


Magdalena said...

Oh my goodness, Dianne and I had the same conversation last night ... well it went like this:

Dianne: Oh this will be so much fun, we get to wear 3-D glasses!!

Magda: We are going to be such geeks wearing 3-D glasses for a t.v. show!

But then we are so hooked on Medium that it seems this will be a necessity afterall! And now we are going to be trying to hunt down our own glasses before next week too. I would love to help you out, but even if I find some extra pairs, I don' know that they would get there in time :)

Pete Mitchell said...

Mark, Mark, Mark, Mark, Mark, Mark,

You can be so so naive sometimes bud.

I'm sure Kim and Franny and Mr. Bunny will back me up this:

Knock a few papers on the floor, pick them up like a good little (or in your case, tall) samaratin, then STEAL THEM!!

What would you do without us?

Franny said...

That is the coolest! Enjoy your
3-D episode. I wish they would do Desperate Housewives in 3-D. Imagine the boobage.

The Consultant said...

You can definately count on an extra pair of glasses from me. As I don't own a television, I must buy newspapers to keep up on the news. Then again, there is always google...

Kimberly said...

Peter's right Mark, shed the goodie goodie impulse and swipe a couple pairs!!!

mathew growden said...

If you think that's kewl... it is the tip of the iceberg... the good folk at IBM have a demo model of a new 3D technology that they showed off at the 22nd annual Flat Information Displays conference. It will allow you to get high-resolution 3D images from a large-screen television or home-cinema projector. So... that kinda boobage is only a couple years away. ; )

Anonymous said...

Hi Mark,

They announced on the news tonight, that they will be giving out the 3D glasses for "Medium" at Union Station tomorrow. :)

Good Luck