Wednesday, November 23, 2005

My Boots & Me

With the impending 5-10 cm of snow coming (later today according to our weatherman), Fran took Alexander out yesterday to buy his first pair of boots. The lady at the store warned Francine that most kids didn't "take" to new boots right away and might have trouble walking in them.

Alexander jumped to his feet, ran to the mirror and stood there, admiring his new boots. Then he shot off into the mall, eager to show them off to anyone passing by. Fran corralled him back, (he hasn't yet figured out the "you have to pay for it" rule of adulthood) where he walked over to the mirror again, then plunked himself down and sat there, sashaying his feet back and forth, admiring the reflected image of the bottoms of the boots.

When I got home from work last night, he was eager to show me his latest possession. He excitedly helped as Francine got the boots onto him and then was delighted in walking around, showing off to me.

It was hilarious to see how much the extra weight of the boots made him walk like Lee Majors. It makes me want to go out and buy a few seasons of The Six Million Dollar Man or perhaps The Fall Guy on DVD. They're available, right?


Pete Mitchell said...

You have to pay for things?

You'll have to invite me over when you get the 6 Million Dollar Man on DVD so we can all sit around in her boots and teach your son that ageo-old male tradition of sitting on the sofa like a bum and watching tv. And I will pay you $5,000 if you shout: "Honey! Get me a beer!" It'll be worth it just to watch Fran belt you. Then again, she might realize I was behind it and belt me too. Scratch that idea.

Pete Mitchell said...

I meant to say "Our" boots, not "her" boots. I don't want Fran to think we wear her clothing when she's not around.

Mark Leslie said...

Don't worry, Fran will never find out our little secret.

$5000, eh? Almost worth the black eye and sleeping in the garage for a couple of days . . .

Rainypete said...

There's nothing more entertaining than th ewee ones' boot swagger. We never have a problem getting them to wear the boots. Now, getting them to remove the new boots is a whole different story.

Fran said...

Hmm... Maybe baby Ace can learn how to retrieve beers as in the age old tradition. Something to do with that red neck name and all.

Pete Mitchell said...


Sad thing is: I'm sure he will. For both of them.

Kimberly said...

I love boots...a good pair of boots always makes you feel cool...that whole "these boots are made for walking" idea...powerful
six million dollar man powerful...or the bionic woman!

I'll come over to watch the show with you too...I loved that show...but I think the better entertainment would be to watch Francine clock Peter! :P