Friday, November 04, 2005

Hamilton Literary Awards

Last night Francine and I were planning on attending the 13th Annual Hamilton Literary Awards. It’s not like I stood a chance of actually being one of the winners last night, but those same odds don’t stop us from buying Lotto 649 or Super 7 tickets each week, and we were looking forward to a fun literary event. Since we didn’t go with season tickets to Theatre Aquarius this year we needed our fix of culture.

However, Alexander was running a bit of fever and not at all in a pleasant mood, so Fran planned on staying home with him rather than having her mother come over to look after him. I couldn’t very well go out drinking cocktails and expounding the virtues of the latest literary trends while Francine stayed home to look after our sick baby. So I stayed home too.

And the funny thing is, while I certainly missed the opportunity to go out to a fun literary event with Fran and mingle with some Hamilton area writers and arts folks, I wasn’t upset at missing the event. Instead, Fran and I made the most of the evening. After we got the little guy snuggled into bed we ordered a pizza and watched Donald Trump fire another young hopeful.

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Franny said...

Poor Alexander. I hope he's feeling better. My oldest son used to get a lot of fevers and ear infections when he was a baby. We had a lot of evenings in and the pizza guy knew us well.
Those are the best evenings, though, aren't they? The ones that just turn out perfect without planning...