Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Steel Shell, Gold Heart

she is barely awake when, with a sad heart
I leave her each morning
to engage in a full day of flirting
with my big city mistress
the daily love-hate relationship
which goes nowhere, yet I can't resist
the coy and glamorous charms

and each night, well after the sun has set
despite my daily betrayal
my true love welcomes me back
comforts me in her warm embrace

my home, my city, my Hamilton


Anonymous said...


I think I'm telling Fran...

But I'm not sure.

You cad....I think.

Bob said...

Personally I think of the words from Bruce Springsteen's "My City of Ruins" when it comes to what I think of The Hammer (and I've been living here all my life).

Anonymous said...

Hamilton is my lover (I can't think of the masculine version of mistress!), as I always consider B.C. as my spouse. I have been away for 15 years now...I only hope that if I ever return I will be welcomed as warmly as you are...

(beautifully written by the way!)

Franny said...

Hamilton is the BEST because it's "our little secret". Let 'em think its nothing more than a stinky grease-pit...more fun for us!
Also, I love your poem - poetry should be your next genre. But thank god you clarified what it was about, lol!

snoproblem said...

It reminds of that New York promo that Robert DeNiro did, a while back.

Mark Leslie said...

Funny you should say that, Steve, because that's exactly what I thought about right after I wrote it. And then I thought, yeah, I really like that DeNiro commerical! :)