Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Expanding Width on Blogger

I love blogger, and I love the wonderfully easy to use templates that they provide. But I was a bit tired of the narrow presentation of the body. When I tried to load images it messed up the layout because of tight space restrictions within the "published" area, but that wasted space on either side also bothered me. (I'm frugal by nature and hate wasting anything)

One of the beautiful things about bloggers and the net that continues to astonish me (and make me believe that despite the ongoing reports of murders and violence in the media we'll actually be okay), is people's willingness to share info and tutorials with others.

I found a wonderfully easy to follow tutorial on this subject on Colin Maykish's blog -- and, following his advice, expand this blog as well as "I, Death". Click at the end of this sentence for his full wonderful tutorial on expanding the width of your blogger template. And if you like that, he's got tons more great tutorial style tips and advice.

Thanks, Colin!


lime said...

cool, i love the way people pass on good stuff. thanks, mark!

Ryan Oakley said...

If you're looking to change you template you can also try:

ColinM said...

Hey Mark and reader,

I am glad you like my article. If you want, I have updated this article to my new webserver. You can take a look here:



PS. Yes this is really me the author.