Sunday, April 02, 2006

I Feel The Powerful Visions

I was able to attend Hamilton's LiT LiVe reading this evening at the Acclamation Bar & Grill. Always a great time. I was there to show my support for Lauren Carter (we share similar old stomping grounds - I know Lauren through Your Scrivener Press - we're both contributors to the forthcoming anthology Bluffs), who is an excellent reader and a gifted poet. She read from her book Lichen Bright which is a delightful and powerful collection of poems, many of which include images and emotions that remind me of where I grew up.

I got a kick out of Bert D'Amico's anecdotes supporting his reading from A Touch of Africa, and rather enjoyed the poetry by Ross Leckie as well who read from his poetry collection Gravity's Plumb Line, and also particularly enjoyed the first story song performed by Ian Ferrier, a Montreal poet/musician, although I failed to note the name of the tale that so moved me. Perhaps it's in the book & CD he was promoting, Exploding Head Man.

As I sat there listening to the different authors read their works, particularly the eloquent way in which they introduced each reading, I was glad to be there listening to their works and hope desperately that one day I can write great poetry with such apparent ease and grace.

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