Monday, April 03, 2006

Not The Clothes Worn By Grizzly Adams

While the “Harry Potter” scar in the middle of my son’s forehead (from the stitches he required from the bunny cage incident on Valentine’s Day) is slowly healing but still plainly visible, he’s also sporting a slash on his nose and above his eyebrow, along with a bruise on his cheekbone.

Never mind running with scissors. Nobody ever warns you about the dangers of running with books. This grouping of slashes and bruises are actually from running around the kitchen with his Baby Galileo "book" -- he has managed to fall perfectly onto the edge of the book not once, not twice, but on at least three different occasions. Yes, books have already made big impressions on my boy in more ways than one.

And because the weather has started to warm up lately, we’ve been taking Alexander over to the park in our neighbourhood on a daily basis. He loves running at top speed up the play structure ramp and also enjoys watching the bigger kids playing there.

But he’s a very creative and inventive little boy. Along with the new landscape to play in, he has also discovered a whole new range of ways to injure himself.

I’m wondering if they make a Grizzly Suit for toddlers. But I’m sure they’re expensive to purchase new. So if anyone out there in blogville might have a used one they’re willing to part with, let me know. He’s big for his age, so I’ll need something in at least a 24 months size.


Ameratis said...

I understand your lament Mark! This weekend I played with my four yr old nephew and his little legs have bruises all over them from where he is constantly banging them and abusing them in his adventurous play. Also this morning, the lady I ride to work with has twin boys that are 2 and one had both knees skinned up with a shiner above his eye from his personal encounter with the driveway over the weekend. Perhaps if no suits are out there we can invent them and make a fortune!
The Imp

Franny said...

Oh I hear ya on that. And the twins have not only miscellaneous furniture and toys to injure themselves on, but they have EACH OTHER too. Throw a vivacious 4-yr-old into the mix, and its a daily struggle to keep everyone out of the emerg.

FYI: we were at the playground the other day, and I marvelled at how "safe" everything is now. Do you remember REAL seesaws? (The kind without springs that lifted you 8ft in the air, and hit the ground with such force that the person in the air could easily get knocked off head-first? I broke my arm on one!) And those rusty metal spinny things that you spin with all your friends and then could fly off of and sever an artery on the high-speed metal edges?

OMG our parents were evil!

Yaakov Kirschen said...

there's a jewih saying about kids.

"when they're small, they don't let you sleep.
when they're big, they don't let you live."

enjoy these days,

Dry Bones
Israel's Political Comic Strip Since 1973

Gabby said...

I see what you meant in your comment over on my blog! Whoever thought books could be so dangerous!

I'm sure we've both got a lifetime of bumps and bruises to tend to...I guess as long as we're there to pick them up, brush them down and make sure they're OK, what more can we do?

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