Monday, April 10, 2006

Load Of Crap

I spent a good part of the weekend working on our income tax. So after two pots of coffee, nine Extra Strength Tylenol, one broken calculator, two handfuls of pulled out hair, sixteen broken pencils, and three changes of underwear, I've completed our income tax paperwork for 2005.

Just kidding, I've been using QuickTax for about 10 years now, and it's by far the easiest way to get my taxes done with the least amount of headaches. (This blog post sponsored in part by Intuit Canada - offering financial solutions to Mark for a decade)

At the end of the day, Francine is going to get a bit of money back and I have to pay a bit of money (apparently, the $400 I made in book sales royalties last year pushed me over the top - I'd hate to see what Dan Brown pays in income tax).

What I can't understand is: if I owe a crapload of money and Fran is getting approximately the same crapload back as a refund, why doesn't Revenue Canada just allow us to merge our end result, call it even and save everyone a bunch of time, hassle and shuffling of cheques?


Lara said...

Um... cause that would make SENSE?

Congrats on getting yours done... I'm jealous! (At least I'm close, just a few more bits of info to fill in regarding business deductions and life might return to semi-normal for me too. Now to actually FIND those bits of info... that's the fun part!)

lime said...

they don't allow that because it is infinitely logical and efficient. when has any government EVER been accused of logic or efficiency?

Sheri said...

um..... that would much too easy Mr. Leslie, and would probably require some sort of government grant awarded to an obscure entitiy to study why (+$400 Francine) + (-$400Mark) = $0.00 AND we all know that gov't never does anything easily. It's pulled tooth and nail through our butts.

Bob said...

Actually Dude, I can tell you the reason why it happens this way.... but then I have to "silence" you.

Franny said...

You know Mark, you need more EXPENSES. As a writer, so many things can cost ya...printer ink, computer programs, books, pens, etc.
So in reality, you made $0, right????

logo™ said...

Did you just suggest a government do something reasonable and sensible?
Clearly you have not been paying attention.