Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Slayed In The Boardroom

It only came to me after seeing an episode of The Apprentice last night, but what happened to me yesterday morning in a meeting while presenting a data architecture strategy to our VP (we'll call him Donald) was a classic "Boardroom Slaying" -- and every single person who worked with me on the plan left me high and dry at the first signs of resistance. Thanks guys.

Last week, 5 of us put our heads together (me being the least technical person in the room, as usual) to come up with three recommended solutions and strategies. When we started to present them, Donald tore into the strategies, cutting them to pieces. I tried to defend the work, as well as one of the developers whose ideas we used, only too late realizing that every single other person in the room kept their mouths shut. It was like one of those Dilbert type meeting room back stabbings. At the time it felt like I was being true to our previous efforts -- but now I realize that I was just that idiot in the Boardroom who wouldn't shut up and continued to infuriate Donald.

Sure, I got torn a new butt-hole, but at least I didn't get fired and have to take a lonely cab ride home.


lime said...

that really stinks. i am sorry to hear it. hope today goes much more smoothly.

Virginia said...

Good for you for standing your ground. It sounds like you were far from being an idiot. You were the only one who had the guts to stand up for yourself and for your work.
Was 'Donald' really tearing it to shreds, or is he the type that argues something in circles to see every angle and see how well you know your stuff and how it holds up. I absolutely despise that style of communication, but it's not unusual.

I hope you have a better week!

Franny said...

I think The Donald wishes he had half the brains and creativity and great sex life (?) that you have!

Anyhow, we've all been there. Went to a meeting last week where I was pretty sure that there had been a previous meeting that I had not been invited to. I hate that feeling...

Phain said...

gutless weasles...

Ivanka said...

One can only hope that by the end of your meeting you identified the appropriate solution. If not, "Donald" is as good as your team members that couldn't support their own choices.

So this is the question: did you or did you not?

Ivanka (he,he,he)

Kimberly said...

damn bastards!!!

glad you survived!

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