Friday, April 28, 2006

Name Mangling 101

I received a comment several weeks ago from someone who wanted to know about Fran’s recipe for roast beast. It made me think of all the fun ways we’ve mangled what we call things, both borrowed from sources like Dr. Seuss (as in the case of roast beast), as well as other things we’ve either invented ourselves or picked up from others through the years.

See if you can guess these stores/restaurants: (keeping in mind of course, that some of these places are among our favourite places to shop/eat -- the play on words we use isn’t a reflection on how we feel about most of the places, just an opportunity to twist the language a bit for fun)

Some of these “brands” might not be known all that well outside of Canada, or, even in some cases, outside of Ontario. But I present to you, the list of favourite mangled places that Francine and I use.

1) Booger King
2) C*ckbuster
3) Crappy Tire
4) Elsie’s B.O.
5) Future Shock
6) Homo Depot
7) Horny Tim’s
8) Kentucky Fried Pigeon
9) Losers
10) Pizza Slut
11) Radio Crap
12) Scary Queen
13) Scrawny Ronnie’s
14) Swiss Duck
15) Taco Smell
16) The Crap
17) The Prick

Here’s an oldie, but a goodie, a term my father and uncle used to use for one of their favourite beverage retailer that used to be known, in Ontario, as The Brewer's Retail:

18) The “In” and “Out” Store

Here’s one for those folks who like to shop in downtown Ottawa:

19) The Weirdo Centre

And along those same lines, one of our favourite shopping centres in Hamilton

20) Slimeridge Mall

Think you could get all twenty of them? Have any of your own you wish to share?


lime said...

LOL, they were funny. for a city i actually love though.....Filthadelphia, the city of brotherly shove.

Anonymous said...

Okay I got all but one, can i have a prize:)

1) Burger King
2) BlockBuster
3) Canadian Tire
5) Future Shop
6) Home Depot
7) Tim Hortons
8) KFC
9) Winners
10) Pizzia Hut
11) Radio Shack
12) Diary Queen
13) -THIS must only be In Hamilton
14) Swiss Chalet
15) Taco Bell
16) The Gap
17) The Brick

Christina - fellow Go Trainer

Anonymous said...

and ..
18) The Beer store
19) Rideau Centre
20) Limeridge Mall


got any more?

Anonymous said...

okay is #13 - McDonalds

Rainypete said...

Hee hee....we call KFC Cluck 'n' Chuck.

Kimberly said...

I call taco bell one of two things...

Toxic Smell or Toxic Hell

used to call McDonalds

Raunchy Ronnies or McDicks

and my "favorite" bookstore was

The Fifth Ring of Hell

Mark Leslie said...

Lime, that's hilarious.

Christina - I figured you'd get them all. Yes, #13 is McDonald's (a good friend in University called them McBarf's but I like Scrawny Ronnie's - a buddy from my home town, Pete, came up with that one)

Cluck 'N' Chuck? LMAO!!!

Hmm, Kim, I wonder where THAT was?

Phain said...

har har har - we talk in restaurant code when deciding where to go without having the wee ones influencing the decision. They have no idea what "Ron's Steakhouse" is. Pig-latin also helps!

Steve said...

So now that they have all been tagged, I'll just say that you can also call it Burger Thing as a variation, and Ballbuster works well too.

The Crap stumpped me for some reason and it's strange, because that is about the only worth while store at the Weirdo Center. (not saying much for the mall). Thanks for putting the Weirdo in the list Marky, reminded me of Cliff Thornton (remember the early 90's Mark) and the Levack Shack on Creek, or was that Cleg, no that's right it was 35 Craig Steet. Talk about a mangle. . .

Gwen said...

Thought of another one for you Mark - The Golden Girdle.