Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Arrival of Infinity

On Saturday June 24th, Canada's Premiere Science Fiction bookstore, BakkaPhoenix hosted the launch for North of Infinity II. Published by Mosaic Press, NOI 2 has been in the works for about seven years now. For myself as well as for many of the contributors, seeing this book in print was like seeing an old friend you never thought you'd again lay eyes on.

Seven of the contributors and a wonderful group of sci-fi fans and friends celebrated the arrival of this book with the support and assistance of the spectacular staff and management of BakkaPhoenix.

Karen Danylak, Stephanie Bedwell-Grime, A.M.
Matte, Robert J. Sawyer, Mark Leslie, Douglas Smith,
Kimberly Foottit, Stephen Graham King

Each of the contributors told a little something about their piece in this collection (always a fun thing for me, because I've got a soft spot for the "behind the writing" look at any excellent piece of fiction) and then proceeded to get writers cramp from signing so many copies of the book.

I was touched and honoured when Rob Sawyer, the Dean of Canadian Science Fiction, skipped over talking about his story and spoke about how delighted he was to see a Small Canadian Press put out another mostly original collection of science fiction. He then went on to offer me several compliments and praised me for dropping my own story from the collection when I moved from contributor to editor in the evolution of this book's history to make room for another writer. (It was pretty easy for me to do, actually, since the stories in NOI 2 are far far better than anything I've ever written).

A special note for writers out there -- do you know that BakkaPhoenix offers a discount to writers? Woo hoo! Not just the best selection of sci-fi, a friendly, well read and knowledgeable staff, but a discount for published writers? Just reason after great reason to shop there.


.- said...

:) wonderful :)

Anonymous said...

well it wouldn't have happened without your dedication and hard work, Mark.

Thanks for everything. (and even the not so bad picture of all of us! :P)

Melly said...

Unfortunately, I missed the "speeches" part, but you deserve everything Rob sais from what I've heard :)
And Rob is also just a great guy that way...
Most importantly, fun time was had by all and thanks.

Virginia said...

What a great pic!
Congratulations to all!

lime said...

wonderful! glad it wasa great event and you got a nice pat on the back from someone you respect :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to everyone & no I didn't know that.