Wednesday, June 28, 2006


For kicks, I enjoy going through the spam filtered emails that quickly fill up the “Spam” folder in my gmail account. Wow, that little sucker sure fills up fast, like a liquor or beer store the night before a long weekend, or like my wife’s blatter whenever we go on a long car trip.

I’m continually amazed at the subject text in many of these emails, laughing recently at the following:

  • hot chick admits to bringing a ruler on dates

Of course, I remember all of those embarrassing times when I was out on a dinner date with a hot chick and about midway during the meal she would wink at me before quietly slipping under the table. I’d get all excited when she started fumbling with my zipper but then was disappointed to discover that she was just taking measurements.

If only I’d had the secrets being offered to me in this delightfully revealing piece of spam.


lime said...

LMAO!!! checking length and diameter and having pi for dessert.

Ameratis said...

ROFL!! Oh...My...Goodness! That is so hilarious! So would it be better to be on the metric system or english system? ;)

The Imp

Sheri said...

too funny!! I hope she warmed up the cold tape measure first so shrinkage wasn't an issue. lol

.- said...

just another indicator of how naive I am... was?
I always thought that was a joke, until just lately when I've seen actual .. uh, porn ... and oddly shaped and sized ... uh .. people - even last summer moving here a friend said something about a song playing and I honestly had to admit I thought the reference to size meant ..
size.. some men are thin, some big bear like men - some, just fat.
... yeah ... not enough experience.
But again, I'm only 5'1" so another woman's not enough is probably just right for me...
dang - shut up already velma... kay off to fill up spomeone else's comment space with my babble.
:) happy wednesday
OH - almost HNT

Zephyr said...

Well, I don't think I've ever measured anyone who didn't ask me to. I guess my thinking is I can tell if it fits by feeling it, so who needs to know the number.

However, I do confess to spending a few minutes trying to figure out what your wife's blatter was.... batter? blather? aha... bladder! hehe