Friday, June 30, 2006

Congratulations Roxane and Benny

On Wednesday night, Alexander started running a pretty high fever. He hadn't been feeling well all day, and didn't have much of an appetite. He threw up on both Francine and I a couple of times each, so it was at about 12:45 AM or so Thursday that I was driving off to a Shopper's Drug Mart on the other side of the mountain that was opened 24 hours to get an acetaminophen suppository.

He didn't sleep much that night, so I opted to work from home on Thursday (both so I could sleep past 5:20 AM and also so I could help out during the day). Today is our company's stat holiday for Canada Day, so I'm already off, and he didn't sleep again much last night.

His fever is better now, and he's starting to eat, but he's still not doing all that well, and so Francine and I are not going to be heading off to the wedding reception of Roxane and Benny this evening. Roxane and I have worked together since 1999 and she is a phenomenal woman. (When we were a management team she was the real powerhouse behind the success of our team -- and there were often times when we saw more of each other than we each saw of Francine or Benny so you've gotta know she's a good sport to be able to put up with me for so long) Benny is a great guy too and a lot of fun. And it's been way too long since we've done anything social with those two. We were really looking forward to celebrating their marriage with them, but Alexander's needs come first.

So, congratulations, Rox and Benny! We'll be thinking about you two tonight!


Anonymous said...

poor Alex. But Roxane and Benny will understand. Maybe when things settle down, the four of you should go out for dinner. You can celebrate love any day!

Anonymous said...

I hope Alex feels better soon ..
Sending well wishes to him and congratulatory wishes to roxanne and benny.

Anonymous said...

ewwwwww...kid vomit!! Been there done that dude. When you have kids, stuff like that happens...usually at 2:30am. There is nothing like the words, "Mom, I feel sick...." Those usually preceed the vomiting, usually in the middle of the floor, or in their bed if they are yelling at you from their room.

I'm sure that Benny and Roxanne will understand. Very cool picture with the umbrellas, btw.

lime said...

aww, that's a shame you had to miss such a special occasion. you and fran are great parents though. hope alexander is feeling much better soon.