Friday, June 09, 2006

PodCast - Prelude To A Scream - Episode 02

This podcast thing is kind of addictive. It was back in March when I started listening to podcasts thanks to advice from my buddy Shupe. Mathew Growden might be responsible for unleashing me into the blogosphere, but we’ll have to ultimately hold Shupe responsible for my podcast affliction that started with a couple of podcasts featuring Wil Wheaton’s talk at Gnomedex 4.0.

Since then I’ve started regularly listening to podcasts, and my favourites include: The Writing Show, I Should Be Writing, Pod of Horror, Podiobooker (as well as the various serialized book podcasts), EscapePod and The Survival Guide to Writing Fantasy.

That’s the great thing about podcasts. Unlike mass media outlets like radio, they needn’t cater to a “Top 40” generic audience (to please advertisers) and can be about whatever specific thing turns your crank. For me it’s writing. But for someone else it might be cross-stitching, cooking, auto repair or maybe even insights into their favourite television shows (several friends of mine are addicted to the “Lost” podcasts -- no, not podcasts that are missing, but the ones based on the television series about the plane crash survivors on a mysterious island). And despite how young the phenomenon of podcasting in, there’s likely already a podcast out there for your particular little niche, regardless of how unique it might be.

And also unlike television and radio, you can tune into a podcast whenever or wherever you like. For me, it’s usually while waiting for the GO train in the morning or evening, or the walk between the train station and work. If I can ever get my work week reduced back down to between 40 and 50 hours, I might even be able to start jogging again -- in which case, a fun podcast would be just the thing to listen to on a run.

When I first became interested in podcasting (inspired to release my book One Hand Screaming as a serialized podiobook), I started reading online sources as well as books like Podcasting for Dummies and The Absolute Beginner’s Guide To Podcasting. And, of course, I kept listening to what was out there, to see the things that were being done that I liked and also perhaps what I hadn’t been able to find yet.

It’s been fun. And the feedback so far has been great -- both supportive and useful. Much like the fun I’ve been having since I started blogging, I’m having a lot of fun putting together podcasts.

So thanks, Shupe. (I say that both appreciatively and also with a bit of sarcasm -- I haven’t quite decided -- because, and I blatantly steal Mur Lafferty's sentiment when I say this, but I really should be writing)

I now present: Prelude To A Scream - Episode 02 in which I read from five different poems and then talk a bit about the writing of each and my own haphazard approach to writing poetry. Oh, and I've monkied a bit with the opening sequence and think it's a bit improved over Episode 01.




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