Friday, September 15, 2006

And Then There Were Three

Today we start to strike the set of T-29, the temporary September Rush location for the 1st Year Arts & Humanities textbooks and amalgamate then into the Tank (I used a theatre term and an academic bookselling term in the same sentence . . . strangely enough both terms I learned on University campuses almost 20 years and half a Province apart).

We now go back to 3 main bookstore locations on campus for Titles. The main store (which carries about as many trade titles as the average Chapters) in the basement of Gilmour Hall, the Health Sciences Bookstore (in the back of McMaster Hospital), and The Tank (which, after next week will hold all the textbooks -- we still have Science & Engineering texts in the main store for another week)

I have to say, I'm still giddy and excited about every new thing that I learn in this new job.

(incidentally, the title of this post is also the title of a very fine album by Genesis)


Mantaray Ocean said...

It sounds like it is such a great place to work and that you are having a wonderful time with having your life back and on your new chapter :)

Malice and I hope to visit soon!


Rainypete said...

Sounds more like the Land of Confusion to me