Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Wash Cloth

The other night, just as I was about to put Alexander in the bathtub, Francine was coming home from a visit at the hospital with her mother. Alexander was completely naked, but, excited that Mommy was home, bolted downstairs for the front door in a reprisal of the old "streak of the naked baby" routine he used to enjoy so much.

After flinging the door to the garage open, greeting Francine in his nakedness and sending us into fits of giggles, he then started darting around the living room and kitchen, enjoying the splendour of the freedom from clothes.

Fran was catching me up on the daily update from the doctors and nurses at the hospital, and we were just a few steps behind Alexander on his trip back up the stairs. We got delayed in our conversation half-way up and then next thing we could hear was Alexander getting into the tub on his own. When we reached the top of the stairs, he was sitting in the tub washing his feet and legs with the washcloth.

That sent us into another fit of laughter. In all the time that we've been bathing him, we've been the ones doing the washing and he's usually fighting with us to stay out of the way of his funtime with his bath toys.

But now I'm going to enjoy his baths even more because, while he's washing himself, I'm going to have a race with his two toy boats I've had my eye on for a while.


lime said...

LOL!!! nothing like a screaming streaking toddler is there? too fun! you crack me up. just keep the water in the tub, ok?

Rainypete said...

I'd be careful about that if I were you. Playing with toy bathtub boats leads to drinking the water.

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

When mine were toddlers, they'd create the odd "log" in the tub. That and yellow water. Make sure your boat doesn't hit a log, and for "Pete's" sake, don't drink the yellow water.