Friday, September 01, 2006

Winning Bid In I, Death Character Auction

I just found out that the winning bid in the "I, Death" character auction was set at $100. Excellent, killing someone off will raise funds to support the Hamilton Literacy Council.

I can't wait to be in contact with the winner and start working on plans to kill them in the fictionalized story of Peter O'Mallick's death curse. It's going to be fun because I have no idea how I'm going to pull it off, but will enjoy the thrill of writing them into the story as I go.

Gotta love that kind of writing challenge.


lime said...

...start working on plans to kill them ...

i'm giggling. yeah, totally out of context, but i am giggling.

yay for lilteracy! there's gotta be a slogan in all this somewhere

illiteracy is murder?

Rainypete said...
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Rainypete said...

The more off among us can only hope it's as "gruesome" as some of the others. So.....when do we start?

Anonymous said...

kudos to Rainypete for donating to such a worthy cause. Peter O'Mallick's complex isn't big enough. It definitely needs another victim.

Good Luck boys!

lime said...

rainypete won? will the murder involve his nose?