Wednesday, April 04, 2007

KITT For Sale

Ah man, great memories. KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand) , the revamped 82 Trans Am from the television show Knight Rider is now for sale and could be mine for a mere $150,000.

Now, like my own vehicle, most of the fun pretend sci-fi buttons and gadgets don't work, and it doesn't talk in the voice of William Daniels. But the red scanner light on the front of the car works and hums like a Cylon from the original Battlestar Galactica. And I still think it would be a fun car to burn around town in.

And I'll never forget this one episode of the TV series where they showed a screen on KITT that was basically a screen from the old Mattel Intellivision game system's Auto Racing game. Yes, special effects that were on par with the old Tough Guys Big Adventure movies that my buddies and I made in my basement in the mid to late 80's.

Okay, so if I thought it was tough trying to convince Francine that we should visit Salt Lake City, Utah during the last week of March 2008 so I could attend World Horror Convention 2008, I think it'll be a bit tougher convincing her that I need to buy this car.

But then again, she still feels sorry for me that I missed out on owning the Batmobile.

Hmm, maybe a compromise?

I know, maybe I'll be able to afford the moped that Peter Parker drives in the Spider-Man movies.


lime said...

i'm sorry mark, but when mr. .lime finds out KITT is for sale i will be under instruction to purchase it...not for the same reasons youwant it though.

back in college he was watching knight rider while laying on the floor with a boiling hot bowl of kluski noodle soup. he managed to spill said bowl down over his chest and sustain 2nd degree burns all over it.

consequently he never had another bolw od kluski noodle soup nor did he ever watch knight rider again. he also gets this weird tic whenever david hasselhoff is mentioned.

sometimes i wish it had been football he was watching when the incident occured, lol.

lecram sinun said...

Years ago I would have considered owning Kitt... now it would just be annoying. Now... the batmobile on the other hand... :)