Friday, May 27, 2005

Back In Black

I like my classic ACDC - "Back in Black" isn't my favourite, although it's one of their better ones. I prefer "You Shook Me" and their more recent "Thunder Struck" is a good crowd pleaser too. But I had to name this blog the way I did for a friend at work, Richard Black.

I'd mentioned Richard in a blog a few weeks back, and he was disappointed not to have made an appearance again. You see how "celebrity" can be addictive? Poor Richard, he got a small taste of pseudo-fame and now, like a junkie he has an itch for more. Let me scratch him thusly: Richard Black, Richard Black, he's a cool dude, that Richard Black. He sometimes makes you laugh so hard, you think you'll have a heart attack, he's a funny cool dude, that Richard Black. (It's not one of my better poems, but captures Richard's uncanny allure quite nicely)

Speaking of "celebrity" Hamilton re-opened the AGH (Art Gallery of Hamilton) last night with a gala reception (Hamilton natives such as Martin Short and Kathleen Robertson attended) - Fran and I were contemplating going - but at $500 a head, we figure we'd wait and just visit the renovated museum (which has received some rave reviews) for the regular $16 it will cost the three of us to attend when it opens to the public on May 28th (yaaa, Alexander is under 5 and so can get in free) - no, wait, the big gala last night was for important people (like Richard Black) - the re-opening gala for the average joe is on the 28th and is only $200. Still, perhaps we'll just visit the museum some quiet afternoon and enjoy the art.

Francine started her first blog entry yesterday, as did Peter Mitchell. Good times!

Lastly, today is Fashion Targets Breast Cancer day. Rethink Breast Cancer teamed up with Roots to create a fund-raising fashionable collector t-shirt to wear on Friday May 27th, 2005. Raise funds and also raise awareness. Proceeds go towards research for breast cancer. A good and worthy cause. Ilana Valo, Manager of our Trusted Advisor program for, organized the effort within Indigo. Internal efforts here raised $1650. Thanks, Ilana!

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Taki said...

I can only remember you as a BIG RUSH fan.