Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Born In A Small Town

So Google just did the coolest thing - they recently launched the ability to view Satellite images view their Google maps.

While I was able to find my home in Hamilton easily, I was even impressed to find a higher level satellite image of my mom's home in Levack, in Northern Ontario. Not as cool as the old aerial photo they had at the Beer Store when I was a kid, but still pretty neatoman in my books, because you can then zoom out and see beautiful Windy Lake and how close we were to so many non-polluted lakes and rivers. Scroll out even further and there's Sudbury, which there are closer Satellite images of. Keep going and you can see where this place is in relation to the centre of the Canadian universe, Toronto.

You can even have it provide directions that are drawn onto the Satellite image. Very cool. I was able to map out the drive that Francine and I take between Hamilton and Levack. And although it's not the exact route we drive, it's still pretty cool - doesn't express the painfully long trip until you zoom in to the detail of heading up Hwy 69........

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