Thursday, April 07, 2005

Pat, Can I Also Buy A Vowel?

Travelling home on the GO train the other evening, I sat near a couple of young ladies playing a "travel" version of Scrabble. In all the excitement and heat of battle, one of them ended up losing a "G" - it flipped through the air, there was the sound of it landing somewhere, and they spent the rest of their journey frantically looking for it, enlisting the help of everyone in that area. They never found it before getting off the train at Burlington. I even kept glancing on the floor nearby as I continued to ride the train, in the thought I might still be able to spot it. No such luck.

I wonder if it will ever show up. And when it does, will the person who finds it be able to buy an "O" so they can at least spell the word of our favourite mass transit system?

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Anonymous said...

It's obvious, the G has landed somewhere, and that place is now the G-spot, and we know how hard that mythical place is to find.