Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I, Death

I didn't get any writing done on my werewolf novel yesterday, but did accomplish a little something. For the past few weeks on the GO train, I've been converting a story I'd written almost twenty years ago -- it was a tale written as a single long journal entry by a teenager who is trying to deal with the people in his life dropping dead by documenting the situation. I returned to the premise maybe five years later with a sequel story called "Sin Eater" -- I was working on a re-write of that piece recently, and suddenly was inspired.

Why not re-write the original "I, Death" story as if it were a series of blog entries? So I did. My original thought was to do it a la the H.G. Wells infamous radio program "War of the Worlds" without revealing that it wasn't a true event, but decided to add a disclaimer at the bottom of the blog, in case anybody got seriously worried about my hero. I gave the tale a bit of a kick-start by back-dating the entries to April. But I've reached real time with it now, and will be updating the story at points where my character Peter O'Mallick needs to share his grief with the world.

Check out the story of "I, Death" by clicking here: This Mortal Coil.
(Warning, like much of my horror fiction, there are naughty words and adult situations - not meant for the eyes of little persons, nor people who get squeamish)

I'm quite curious to get feedback from folks on what they think.

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