Saturday, July 16, 2005

To Slay With Pen Or Sword

Alexander has caught a wee bit of a cold. This means he's a little more fussy and tired than normal. When that's the case, he's often comforted when I sing him to sleep. One of the first songs I sang to him, when he was just three days old, was a ballad from Rush called "Madrigal" from their Farewell To Kings album. It starts off like this:

When the dragons grow too mighty
To slay with pen or sword
I grow weary of the battle
And this storm I walk toward

When all around is madness
And there's no safe port in view
I long to turn my path homeward
To stop a while with you.

It's one of three songs that I regularly sing to him to quiet him down. "Tears" from Rush's 2112, another ballad, works nicely. He's also a fan of the Elvis song "Are You Lonesome Tonight."

Other times, I just make up lyrics to existing songs. Last night, as I was getting home from work he was crying -- he'd had a rather difficult day. So, to the tune of "Oh Susannah", I started to belt out this one:

Don't you cry for me
I've came home on the GO train
With a laptop on my knee

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