Sunday, May 04, 2008

Daily News Profile

I was delighted to learn that the editor of the McMaster Daily News was interested in doing a piece on me.

I suppose since I've been "in the face" of the daily news for so often now, constantly harassing them to ensure they do a story on different authors we've been getting in at Titles, pestering them to cover events, etc, perhaps they figured if they did a profile on me they'd get me to shut my yap.

We all know THAT's not going to happen, now don't we? :)

Photo by Susan Bubak

But in all seriousness, Susan mentioned that since I was still relatively "new" to the university it might be interesting to do an article on me and my role as Book Operations Manager. Of course, when she found out I also wrote horror, she couldn't help talk about that, too.

Posing for the picture, I grabbed one of the really cool mugs we sell manufactured by the Unemployed Philosopher's Guild. They're really cool - when you add hot liquid to them they change their appearance. For example, the Dinosaur mug I bought specifically because I knew my son Alexander would love it features dinosaurs -- when you fill the mug with hot tea or coffee they morph into skeletons.

They have a whole giant rang of cool mugs and we carry several of them including the Descartes mug, the Freudian slips mug, the Global Warming mug, the Henry VIII mug and the Van Gogh mug, among others -- see if you can guess how they change when you add hot liquid. Lots of fun and they make great gifts. Seriously, c'mon into Titles and buy one.

The article opens with the following couple of paragraphs....

Don't judge a book by its cover when you meet Mark Lefebvre. By day, he's the book operations manager at Titles Bookstore. By night, he's the author of such titles as One Hand Screaming and other scary stories about things that go bump in the night.

Lefebvre, who writes under the pen name of Mark Leslie, is a self-proclaimed "book nerd." The only thing he likes more than reading books is talking about them.

Of course Susan neglected to add ("and he really really really likes selling books, too).

You can read the entire article right here.

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lime said...

what a nice feeling that must have been! and a great picture of you too.

nice to see that funky mug technology has fun geeky applications aside from just the 'stripping lady" glasses i have seen. digging the dino mugs!