Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Not THIS Boy's Best Friend

Shreddies cereal recently launched a new campaign in which they released their new "Diamond Shreddies" -- it's a really cute campaign actually, since all they did was turn their classic breakfast cereal on it's side and called it a whole new flavour.

The ads and billboards are fun, too: talking about about their new geometric superiority and that it's no longer hip to be square. Of course, along with the campaign they have a "You could WIN 1 of 10 diamonds" promotion. Simply smart of them.

I wouldn't shut up about how much I enjoyed their campaign, so Francine bought me a box of Shreddies, which I'll admit I haven't eaten for years.

Unfortunately, smart campaign or not, the flavour didn't really do anything for me.

Not even when I tipped my head at a 45 degree angle.



lime said...

maybe if you mounted them in a platinum setting?

Melodie Norman Haas said...

Perhaps they are supposed to just look pretty?