Monday, October 06, 2008

Fun For The Cure

Yesterday, Francine again ran in the CIBC Run for the Cure 5 K run in Burlington to benefit the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

This year, she ran with the team of women that she regularly runs with -- they called their team BREAST MATES and were running in support of their team-mate Janice, who is currently undergoing breast cancer treatment. (Janice, showing true survivor spirit, still runs with them regularly despite the difficult and draining treatment side-effects, and participated yesterday as well)

Alexander, of course, insisted that he go on the run with Francine. Every since we bought him new running shoes he has wanted to go running with Francine. Because most of the women on this team ran 18 K on Saturday (the day before), they decided they would walk the 5 K. This made it a perfect opportunity for Alexander to join in the fun.

Although something tells me he had to really hold himself back from putting on a little burst of speed.

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lime said...

that's great that alexander could join in the fun. and wow, you can really see between the two pictures how tall he has gotten!