Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Not Spooky Enough, Dad

Oh boy. What have I created?

The other day Alexander and I were doing one of our favourite things: looking at Halloween decorations and costumes. Even though he already has two costumes for this year (one to wear at the pre-kindergarten party during the day and the other to wear when he goes trick-or-treating) he was still looking at different costumes and trying to explain to me that he needed another one.

It reminded me of the kind of thing I continually try to convince Francine. "But hon, I need another Halloween costume. One to wear the day BEFORE Halloween, you know, to properly get in the festive spirit" OR "But hon, I know I already have three cases of beer, but I should really get a keg too, you know, just in case we run out."

So we started looking at costumes.

But for every single one we looked at, including the werewolf, devil and vampire costumes, all pretty darned scary, particularly for a 4 year old to wear, Alexander said: "Nope, not spooky enough, Dad."

I was thinking of suggesting that he dress up as Stephen Harper getting in for another term and announcing yet another cut to arts and culture funding. But that would just be mean.

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lime said...

you have created a monster haven't you?