Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Endless Father's Day

Father's Day was two days ago -- but I'm still getting wonderful surprises from my son, like this beautiful picture he drew in the day-care craft project in which he was supposed to complete the sentence: "My Dad is special because . . ." (I think perhaps we worked on it last week but forgot to bring it home for the weekend -- he is so much like me, it isn't funny)

Alexander filled it in with " . . . because he helps me play the Wall-E game"

He is talking, of course about the PC game based on the movie Wall-E, which Alexander is in absolute love with. Admittedly, I've watched the movie a couple of dozen times and am rather fond of it too. Apart from seeing the movie and playing the soundtrack countless times, we've exhausted pretty much every Wall-E book we can find, and have moved on to Wall-E colouring and activity books as well as having beat the Wall-E PC game twice now (we're on our third go-round of it)

In the drawing (left to right), is the computer mouse (red circle with that ergonomic curve), the game CD (green with brown filling), me (with a big grin) and Alexander (also with a big grin)

An absolutely beautiful work of art capturing father and son engaged in a fun activity and a special bond.

This is a picture I'll be cherishing forever.

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lime said...

how sweet. :) my kids are all teens now but i have piles of kid art i saved from over the years.