Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Done Book, Almost-Done Book

Yesterday two fun things happened in the world of Mark's books.

I received the edited version of I, DEATH from my editor/publisher Ian at Atomic Fez in a giant box, complete with a red pencil and popcorn (the kind for packing, not snacking)

The thick, phone-book sized manuscript contains lots of detailed notes, questions, spilled coffee (and potentially other types of beverages on this manuscript), and cat footprints. I wonder how many of those red pencils he went through trying to help mould my words into something useful.

Now it's time to burn the midnight oil working on Ian's brilliant suggestions, making revisions and ultimately ensuring it's a much better novel than the one I handed in.  (There's always a special thrill of getting to work with an excellent editor)

Yesterday, I also learned that Haunted Hamilton: The Ghosts of Dundurn Castle & Other Steeltown Shivers is now in stock at my old haunt, Titles Bookstore at McMaster University.  (Chapter 15 - Haunted McMaster, page 117, covers not just the ghosts of the main campus, the downtown campus and the haunted Keg Mansion in Toronto - home of the founding McMaster family, but also talks about some fun spooky times had at the bookstore when Titles teamed up with the folks from the ghost walk group Haunted Hamilton)

You can order it from McMaster bookstore online, or, heck, just drop in and ask for it there or at your closest local Hamilton area bookstore -- chances are if they don't already have stock, they will very soon.

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