Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hamilton's Most Haunted Bookshop

My new non-fiction title Haunted Hamilton is starting to appear in various local stores.  I thought it would be fun to try to spotlight those stores, to encourage people not just to go check out my book, but to check out everything these wonderful stores have to offer.

Today's feature is Bryan Prince Bookseller in Hamilton's Westdale neighbourhood.

Bryan Prince Bookseller - 1060 King Street West, Hamilton, ON

The other day I popped in to Hamilton's most haunted bookshop -- Bryan Prince Bookseller -- to sign copies of Haunted Hamilton

I jokingly call it Hamilton's most haunted bookshop because it's a long time favourite, a modern classic bookstore that is regularly haunted by some of Hamilton's finest book lovers and also haunted by some very fine booksellers that I have had the privilege of working alongside many years ago.  The shop, which transferred hands in Feb 2011 to new owners Kerry Cranston and Tracey Higgins, still bears the name of the original owner, the well-respected Bryan Prince, whose spirit still lovingly haunts the bookshop.  (Bryan is alive and well and enjoying retirement - you don't need to have died to leave your spirit in a place - for further exploration of that theme, check out my short story "Spirits")

It's always great popping into Bryan Prince and talking with the staff, who are bred-in-the-bone die-hard book lovers.

They had informed me that they had already had to order more stock of the book in, since it keeps flying off the shelves. I love it when that happens, particularly when it happens with one of my books.

Tracey and Frank pretending to read my 2 recent books

Incidentally, they also had copies of Tesseracts Sixteen: Parnassus Unbound (an awesome new sci-fi anthology from Edge that has a Sept release date) - so I signed copies of those as well.  Then I had Tracey and Frank pose for a few fun shots.

Shiny Happy Booksellers!
A great local bookstore to check out (and not just because they have stock of a couple of my books - they're good all the time)

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