Saturday, September 09, 2006

Sometimes It's The Little Things

Every Saturday Alexander and I enjoy a trip to the Terryberry Library, and on our way to the kids' section we usually swing by the "What's New" section so I can check out the newly arrived books.

I was delighted to see a copy of the anthology Bluffs: Northeastern Ontario Stories From The Edge (which contains my story "Being Needed" -- listen to me read the beginning of the tale on Episode One of my Prelude To A Scream podcast) on the newly arrived shelf. Not only that but it looked well worn and read.

I managed to mostly supress a little shout of delight at the sight. Yes, sometimes it's the little things that but a bounce into my step.

1 comment:

Rainypete said...

I can imagine the rush you'd see from knwoing that not only is your work out there, but is actually getting read. Good stuff Mark!