Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Afternoon At Lindley's

On Sunday, Francine, Alexander and I spent the day at Lindley's Pumpkin Farm. It's always a fun time there, going on a hay ride behind a tractor out to the pumpkin patch and corn maze, checking out the haunted house and other fun Halloween inspired decorations.

Proof that I'm not a pumpkin head after all (maybe just a pumpkin butt)

I love the folks at Lindley's but am a bit of a stickler for proper language use (anyone else see the wrong word being used here? If you do I'm sure you understand why I just had to take a picture of it - this sign has been like this for years . . .)

"Dad, we gotta get one of these for home."

And sometimes, when he's not listening and being a spirited three year old, his mother and I sometimes see him like a little devil.

This picture was taken moments after Alexander fixed the skull and put it back into place on the skeleton. It figures my son would start playing in a dug up coffin . . .

No, he's not one of the children of the corn.

Three of my favourite things in the world - a fun maze, Fran and Alex

Photo taken by me after grabbing my son for a quick hug

Dad and Alexander cheating in the corn maze.

With the corn maze conquered for yet another year, it's time to head on back home.


david hayes said...

A child sitting on a coffin. Frightening image. Looks like a fun day though.

lime said...

well i wish i could have gone too the corn maze two because it looks like you to (or three) had a great time. ;)

belated happy anniversary two. to, and too!