Wednesday, October 24, 2007

HNT - Four Seasons

Earlier this week I spent a couple of nights in Vancouver for a business meeting. The meetings took place at the Four Seasons. I quite enjoyed the very cozy bathrobes so couldn't resist snapping a quick pic for HNT on my new Palm Treo.

I'm not used to the higher end luxury style hotels and so was quite taken aback when they showed up at my room in the evening to turn down my bed sheets. The accommodations and services were quite top notch, and yet I was still a little perturbed that there wasn't the mini coffee machine in the room. To get your complimentary coffee, you had to head down to the lobby. Sigh. When I'm staying in a hotel by myself, I like to get up before the rooster, put on a pot of coffee and write for a few hours before I shower and get dressed. Yes, I know, all that luxury, all those services, and still I found something to complain about.

I'm pretty sure that even if the hotel offered complimentary blow jobs, I would still be complaining about the lack of a coffee machine. What can I say? I like my morning coffee.


S said...

Laughing at your book signing post!
Ok, Im a coffee virgin so I dont feel your pain.

I hope you had lots of fun in that fancy place, ordered pizza in, layed on the bed watching tv...etc...

HHNT Mark!

lime said...

well, like susie i am not fond of coffee but i can appreciate your frustration since i like to lounge around in the morning when i am on vacation but i need OJ to get me started. and LMAO @ about the complimentary blow jobs!!!


BTExpress said...

Yo dude! Coffee over blow jobs? You have your priorities all wrong. What is wrong with you?

Happy HNT!

Anonymous said...

Mark! Did you say BJ?! Did you say NO BJ?! Oh my. . .

Hey my word verification was "Coffee-no-BJ"