Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Guest On Writers Talking

This coming Saturday (October 20th to be exact), I'll be joining horror author Matt Wallace and host Matthew Wayne Selznick for a round-table discussion of horror on the LIVE podcast Writers Talking.

One of the unique things about this writing podcast is that it is recorded live and includes the ability for folks to both listen in to the live recording as well as either submit instant message questions or join in verbally to ask a question.

I've been listening to this podcast since it started earlier this year and quite enjoy the "live" feel to it -- like the old days of television programming when shows were recorded live in front of a studio audience, anything can, and often will happen. When I've previously been interviewed by Paula B. at The Writing Show podcast as part of the Getting Published With Mark Leslie reality series, I know Paula has had to edit out either giant idiot gaffs that I've made, or the occasional intrusion of my three year old son bursting into the room and wanting to say hi to Paula repeatedly. This Saturday, I won't have the luxury of post-recording edits. What you get is what you get.

From what I know and have read about Parsec award winning author Matt Wallace, the dark mind behind The Failed City Monologues podcast, he's a witty dude with a penchant for dark humour. Matthew Wayne Selznick, the brilliant author of Brave Men Run is a great host and always leads the Writers Talking round-tables through interesting territory. It's going to be a lot of fun talking horror with these guys.

We also plan on giving away free copies of my book One Hand Screaming, Matthew's book Brave Men Run and Matt's novella The End of Flesh to podcast listeners during some sort of contest giveaway -- we haven't yet determined how we're going to be doing that, but are considering some sort of trivia question or questions. Hey, it's live podcast, we'll likely just make it up as we go along. Maybe we'll ask the live audience on how they think we should give out the free copies of our work.

In any case, it's sure to be a fun time. It takes place at 5:00 PM (EST) on Saturday October 20th.

Each live listener and download of the Writers Talking podcast, which is hosted on Talk Shoe, benefits 826 National which is a family of seven organizations dedicated to helping students aged six to eighteen with their expository and creative writing.

Yes, you get to listen to a free podcast and help out beginning writers. Sounds like a good deal to me and I hope to "see" you there or that you get a chance to download and listen to the episode after it's posted.

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