Thursday, October 04, 2007

HNT - Who Murdered Manager Mark?

We're holding an interactive murder mystery event at our bookstore later this month.

First, we're killing me. Second, we're inviting customers to investigate my murder and figure out who did it for a chance to win some great prizes.

From October 22nd until the 30th customers are being invited to come into Titles bookstore, read the crime scene details, the suspect sheets and a series of clues regarding things overheard or seen in the store in the weeks leading up to my murder. During this time we're also going to be holding author events with the following mystery authors: Jean Rae Baxter, John Lawrence Reynolds, Linwood Barclay, John Swan and Maureen Jennings.

This week's HNT shots are a couple of the "crime scene" photos that we took on Wednesday. I have to admit it was fun how, when we were staging the photo shoot in the middle of the store in the middle of the afternoon, a crowd of people gathered around curious about why this strange man was lying on the floor with a pile of books on his head.

I'm writing the mystery, which, being a series of suspect sheets, clues and summaries, is a bit different than writing a straight linear tale. It's an interesting endeavour and a fun challenge. And while Mark Twain hit an interesting note when he had Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn attend their own funeral and listen in on the sermon, I'm experiencing something similar, I think, in writing about my own death.

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lime said...

hahahaha, what a fun idea. and i am sure that is kind of a surreal thing to be writing about.

it seems while those pesky toys in toyland can't get you, your coworkers can!


ps...thanks for the birthday wishes :)

Rainypete said...

Aha! So the tables have turned and now it is you who are dead! It's actually kind of fun isn't it?

My FiancEe is HOT said...

Hehe that's really funny

Have a great one


tkkerouac said...

Intersting and sounds like fun,
Is this book store in Hamilton?
Happy HNT!

S said...

He he, it wasnt me, honest! I am lost somewhere in Toyland, and i'm only half Canadian, officer.....

Plus I've never been to that book store, ever...

It's so fun when you get to work somewhere with a sense of humor!

HHNT Mark!

~d said...

You totally slay me! HAHAHA!


Bsoholic said...

Oh snap! A classic "whodunnit?"

Happy HNT

Ameratis said...

That sounds like a blast! You must keep us up-to-date with how it goes! That is so cool!

BTExpress said...

It was Mrs White, in the Library with the Candlestick. I heard she did you in because she thought you were cheating on her with Miss Scarlet.

What do I win?