Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Alex The Builder

We were at my Mom's in Levack for Thanksgiving weekend, and arrived on Friday afternoon just in time to catch the workers working on the road and the ramp to my mom's driveway.

Alexander was delighted when the driver of the back hoe asked if he wanted to sit in the cab. This thrill for my son would be on par with me as a child getting to sit beside Stan Lee while he composed a Spider-Man story.
The pictures don't properly capture the sheer excitement on my son's face. All I know is that Alex, Fran and I were beside ourselves with joy about the whole thing.


steve said...

Hey Alex! That's some Tonka!!!

I wish we had stuff like that in Levack when I was a kid. All your dad had was a cool go-cart that I was "too big" for.

lime said...

oh how much fun is that! i totally get it because i can remmeber how much my son liked watching the buldozers and such when our downtown was being torn up. what a treat to get to sit in one!

happy belated thanksgiving too.

Rainypete said...

I get the same way when I get to drive stuff like that. I turn into a little kid with a Tonka toy!