Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Alexander's "Way Back" Time Machine

I booked a couple of days off for my birthday, making an extra long weekend for myself. Alexander always loves having an extra "family day" or two when all three of us can do fun things together.

I spent most of my birthday doing two of my favourite things:

1) Working on writing stuff (in this case, I spent most of the day printing out a full manuscript that had been requested by a publisher -- yes, 400 pages took me nearly 4 full hours to prepare . . . whew . . .)

2) Playing with Francine and Alexander

During one of our morning outings, Alexander and I worked on his "Way Back" Time Machine, using markers and crayons to draw buttons, lights, screens, dials and panels on a large empty cardboard box that we can both just barely fit into.

Then we used the machine to first go back to the land of Dinosaurs and do some exploring (we turned tail and ran back to the machine, of course, when we heard a T-Rex stomping its way toward us) -- then we went to the future where we saw some really interesting alien creatures. After that we went back in time just a little over a week to watch the building adjacent to the Lister block in downtown Hamilton fall down (Yes, my son is more up on current events than I am, and wanted to go watch the building crumble -- a few days earlier we'd been downtown and saw the aftermath of the side of the still standing building -- he wanted to watch the crumbling of the building)

Of course, now that it's time for me to head back to work, much as I love my job, I just want to crawl right back into Alexander's "Way Back" Time Machine and go back a single day so I can enjoy the fun and enthusiasm all over again. So if you can't find me anywhere, that's where I'll be. Curled up inside the box and making a low humming sound with the back of my throat, trying desperately to go back just one day . . .


Edward Ott said...

what a fantastic time machine.

lime said...

aahh, but the memories last forever. :)

i just want to know which of you was mr. peabody and which was sherman. hehehe