Friday, May 23, 2008

Da Count - Building Brick

I'm currently at the bi-annual CCRA meeting today and tomorrow. These meetings switch between the "East" and "West" coasts of Canada -- this time, the hosting school is the University of Waterloo (my wife's Alma Mater) and we're in Waterloo, Ontario; not all that far from home.

Last night we had a reception at The Red Baron Lounge of Brick Brewery. Not only was it great to catch up with many of my colleagues from post-secondary institutions across Canada, but it was great to have access to about 8 different Brick beers on tap.

My favourite was Waterloo Dark, one of the wonderful craft brews created by Brick founder Jim Brickman. In a nutshell, Brickman started the brewery and started crafting beers after a world tour speaking with beer drinkers and beer makers around the world (The Red Baron Lounge has hundreds of beer bottles from around the world - a MUST see)

I was delighted to learn that I can purchase 20 litre kegs of Waterloo Dark from the Brick Brewery retail outlet for my home bar tap -- a great price, a great beer and I get to support a local brewery!

So this week I'm counting the adventurous founder of Brick Breweries.

THANKS, Jim Brickman! You make good beer! Cheers!


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lecram said...

Mmmm... a good slurpy count. Last night I was at a local brewery (Full Circle Brewing) as well. Coincidence?