Friday, May 16, 2008

CHML Talk Show Idol - Today at 2:00 PM

Today is the day in this first round of AM 900 CHML's Talk Show Idol where I get to be in the studio and required to fill 10 minutes of airtime.

I'm very excited to be bringing in with me a special guest. Dr. Nick Bontis, the world's leading expert on intellectual capital and knowledge management. My topic this afternoon will be called: PLUGGED IN & TUNED OUT and we'll be discussing strategies for coping with the often overwhelming influx of stimuli that surrounds us in today's society.

If you are local to the Hamilton/GTA region, you can listen at 900 on your AM dial. Online you can listen at The whole show with all four guests starts at 1 PM.

You can also listen to my Current Events Quiz, 60 Second Editorial/Rant and 60 Seconds of Straight Talk With Scott Thompson at:

I'm up this week with a talented group of dynamic individuals. Adam Scott, Dawn Dillane and Karen Johnson have done very fine jobs in their own segments and I'm looking forward to seeing them again in person and sharing air time between 1 and 3 PM today as part of the contest.

(The video below contains my "editorial rant" from Wednesday on Handwashing - I did it in video format so you could look at goofy pictures of me while listening)

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