Wednesday, May 14, 2008

CHML Talk Show Idol - Quiz & Rant

Okay, so on this morning's quiz with Bob and Shiona (yes, a silent "i" like the silent "b" and "v" and "r" in Lefebvre), I proved that I should NEVER host a show about sports. And I'd like to send out my apologies to Sydney Crosby fans everywhere . . .

(You can listen to a recording of the quiz here)

I'm hoping that the 60 second rant I just recorded which is going to be aired a little after the noon news broadcast (you can listen locally at 900 on your AM dial or online at helps redeem me so I don't like a total idiot.

I mean, I'm okay with looking like a bit of an idiot and completely okay with being seen as a giant nerd -- but gee, I'd hate to go down in local radio history as a complete and total idiot . . .

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