Friday, May 09, 2008

Da Count - The Box It Came In

Last weekend, Francine and I bought Alexander a ride-on excavator, complete with a controllable scoop shovel on the front end. He's into "diggers" big-time and was absolutely delighted when the two of us started putting it together so he could take it for a spin.

Of course, we had a grand time playing with it. I booked Monday and Tuesday off work to spend as "family days" -- Tuesday was my birthday and it was thus important to me that I spend it playing with the two most important people in my life.

Tuesday morning, we not only had a good time taking the excavator out for a spin, we also had almost as much fun playing with the box it came in. We used Alexander's markers to convert the box into a time machine. Alexander's "Way Back" Time Machine to be precise.

And we had all kinds of great adventures in that time machine, visiting Dinosaurs, Pirates and futuristic alien robots.

This week, I'm counting those simple things that we tend to take for granted, like the endless hours of fun you can have playing with the box that a new toy came in.



lime said...

a box and a pack of markers with some how fun is that! counting a daddy who knows how much. GREAT count ;)

S said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Mark!
I love the boxes too!

Want to do a post with me lookin scared...eraserheadish....but I know well just two stories...the one where the man is visiting his grandpa and...oh! Wait...I hear a baby crying...
and the other...Why!
...this is so inefficient inefficient! The nerve!

Hee hee!
Happy Birthday!

S said...

Oh jeez did that make any sense?
I am speaking of your stories of course