Thursday, May 08, 2008

In Search Of The Alpha-Getti Gobbler!

For years I've been using a phrase borrowed from a commercial from two decades ago -- one in which three kids are sitting around a table eating Alpha-Getti (alphabet shaped pasta and sauce) and this silly looking monster with spaghetti-like arms comes into the room and warns them that they should be on the lookout for the Alpha-Getti Gobbler, who loves stealing Alpha-Getti (or is it alphagetti?) from them.

The commercial ends with this kid finally putting all the pieces together (well, he actually sees the monster take his bowl of Alpha-Getti, so he's not all that bright until after the fact) and blurts out: "You're the Alpha-Getti gobbler!!!"

The little kid saying: "You're the Alpha-Getti Gobbler!"

I so loved this phrase that I regularly use it when accusing people of something. Of course, I get nothing but strange looks from folks when I do -- mostly people who either don't remember or have never seen the commercial. Oh well, I get enough strange looks each day.

I'd posted about it in April 2007. And blogger Toronto Mike blogged about it, too. I even created a Facebook group about it called "I Remember the AlphaGetti Gobbler." Apart from desperately searching the internet and trying to find a picture or ANYTHING to prove that the Alpha-Getti Gobbler existed, Mike and I also joked about trying to beat each other in Google search results on the Alpha-Getti gobbler. I remember the day when he pushed me aside in the google rankings and I graciously took a back seat to his efforts.

Ryan Barnett, 8 years old, in the Alpha-Getti commercial

Interestingly enough, on my 39th birthday, Ryan Barnett, who was eight years old when he played one of the kids in that commercial, stumbled upon my Facebook group. He also contacted Mike Boon, who never gave up on his tireless search to track down the infamous creature, and sent a video of the commercial we all loved so much which Mike posted to YouTube. See Mike's announcement blog post about it here.

I was able to capture some nice pictures from the video, which I've posted here, and I'm delighted to help share this joyous discovery with the world.

Thanks, Mike. Thanks, Ryan. May your bowls ALWAYS be filled with Alpha-Getti no matter where you roam. And do watch your back guys, you never know when this creature might sneak up and steal it from you.


lime said...

hahaha, well this sort of post should certainly put you up in the rankings. thanks for the double giggle this morning.

Toronto Mike said...

Nice write up. This is a great week for all Alpha-Getti Gobbler seekers.

You can tell Ryan Barnett doesn't yet have kids, because I think he's way off on his own age in this ad. My 6-year old looks quite a bit older than him in this pic, so I'm guessing Ryan was 4 or 5 in this ad. He tells me he was born in 1978, so I'm guessing this ad was filmed in 1983, which jives nicely with when I first remember seeing this ad.

Let's face it, it's that British / Bostonian accent on the delivery of "You're the Alpha-Getti Gobbler" that makes this ad so memorable. Keep the spirit alive, my brother. Keep the spirit alive.