Friday, May 02, 2008

Da Count - Mention In The Spectator

It's always fun to get a mention in the local newspaper, but even more fun when the mention includes supporting a talented author.

Wade Hemsworth of The Hamilton Spectator wrote an article about McMaster Graduate Terry Fallis and his Leacock Medal win. I'm quoted in the article as one of the two smartest booksellers in the Hamilton area (Okay, Wade doesn't mention the "smart" aspect -- that's my own editorial interpretation. I call Bryan Prince and Titles Bookstore smart because WE picked up Terry's novel before anyone else in our area. We're not jumping on any Award Winner's bandwagon, we've been along for the ride and believed in the author the whole time)

So this week's count is focused on when newspapers support, recognize and cover local literary talent. Something that always makes me happy. Getting myself and my bookstore mentioned in the article is just a cool bonus.


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Anonymous said...

Aye, the cool bonus is great... but I agree that any local media support is a wonderful count!