Friday, August 05, 2005

Clicks Ands & Butts

I was relieved to see my bum yesterday (no, not my bum, I’m not an owl -- although Fran tells me that my bum is not an unpleasant thing to look at, and I’ve yet to try to crack walnuts with it as she has often suggested), but the bum whose whereabouts I’d been concerned about. He and his dog greeted me yesterday on my way to Union Station. I was relieved to see him. If I’d had any spare change or even a cereal bar to offer, I would have. But I didn’t. So now I just feel guilty.

Shup thinks that my last entry was just about seeing how many times I could use the word bum and that I have a bum fetish. (Here’s something fun and bum related, and put here especially for Taras. Since the NHL is back, the next time you hear the theme to Hockey Night in Canada, try singing along to it by repeating the word bum to the tune. It’s quite fun, actually) Shup, my friend, I should admit that I'm actually more of a breast connoisseur, but bums aren’t without their merit. Legs are kinda nice, too. But this isn’t a porn blog or one of GO-train Christina’s “guess the body part” jokes, so I’ll stop with the anatomical references.

In other fun news:

Fran has recently posted a cute Mommy/Mummy story on her blog. As a proud parent, I can't get enough of fun "Alexander" stories.

Another work-pal, Gwen Resmer, has started up her blog with one of the most hilarious, yet fitting domain names: I’m sure it’s going to be a riot, because Gwen likes to pretend that she doesn't like people. But, much like Fran's recent post, her August 4th entry is a nice reminder for us to stop and enjoy the little things in life.

Speaking of riots, my buddy Peter Mitchell has some great funny stories on his blog, but my favourites would have to be the following: (my titles, not Pete’s, BTW)

Close Encounters of the Naked Kind
Consider The Birds
Have The Birds Got Jobs?
Life Is A Highway

I think I'm going to stop referring to Pete as a writer and start calling him a humorist. His writing slays me. When I read most of his posts I have to hang on to my butt to keep it from falling off while laughing . . .

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Anonymous said...

Thanks. That was really nice of you.

Does this mean I have to blog your bum to reciprocate?

For some reason I can actually hear you saying "You blog my bum; I'll blog yours."

Bleah. Think I'll be skipping breakfast this morning.