Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Speaking of Bathroom Humour

Sometimes to keep Alexander "occupied" while I'm changing his diaper, I'll sing some fun songs to him. One of his favourites is from my own childhood and a song that I learned at camp (Camp Wilabosca) called "Sam The Lavatory Man"

Sam, Sam, the lavatory man
The chief inspector of the outhouse can
Toilet paper, tissue paper, paper towels
Listen to the rhythm of the human bowels
Deep, down, under the ground
See the little turdies just a floatin' around
Sam, Sam, the lavatory man
Scooping up the poop in an old tin can

(of course, when I sing this to Alexander, I always end with a flourish)

Just scooping up the poop with an old tin can
Just scooping up the poop
In an oooooooold tiiiiiiiiiiin caaaaaaaaaan

Over the years I'd rearranged some of the lyrics in my head, replaced some words with others, and ultimately have a song that appears to be a little different than the original (which you can also listen to if you following that link). But I still rather like my version, and my memories of fun camp songs, much better.

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